Front Royal Police Foundation
K-9 Program

FRPF Fundraiser in Honor of K-9 Boone: The Front Royal Police Department suddenly and unexpectedly lost its beloved K-9 Boone.

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Board Members: Board members are either elected or appointed. These positions are open to anyone who has a vested interest in the...

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Our Projects: The Foundation continues to work with the FRPD to understand the department's most pressing needs and initiate fundraising activities that will garner the...

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How You Can Help: The Front Royal Police Foundation is dedicated to helping the police department fulfill its mission to serve and...

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Mission and Purposes

The Front Royal Police Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) volunteer organization made up of citizens who recognize the importance of a professional, skilled police department in preserving the good quality of life most of us desire. The Foundation recognizes that such a department needs adequate funding beyond what our taxes can fully support. The general purposes of the FRPF include:

  • (a) providing resources to the Front Royal Police Department (FRPD), including, but not limited to, monetary funds, equipment and in-kind services, for the encouragement and development of innovative and/or needed programs and projects;
  • (b) recognizing the FRPD and citizens of the Town of Front Royal, Virginia by rewarding and promoting outstanding performance throughout the FRPD and community;
  • (c) promoting and encouraging citizen involvement in the activities of the FRPDthrough increased communications and prioritization of police services; and
  • (d) providing assistance and support to those serving as police officers in Front Royal, Virginia by increasing the public awareness of the role of the police officer in modern society.


Foundation History

The Front Royal Police Foundation was formed in 2007 under (now retired) Police Chief Ronald Williamson. Since its inception, the Foundation has supported financial needs related to training and equipment for the Front Royal Police Department. Contributions have supported purchase of a vehicle and equipment to support a canine specially trained in drug detection and simulation training equipment. With continual input and feedback from FRPD's Chief Norman Shiflett and Captain Jason Ryman (who serves as the liaison between the FRPD and the FRPF), the Foundation is continually evolving to meet the community's needs, from a new police dog to a new speed trailer.

The Board

The Front Royal Police Foundation Board consists of 8 to 12 members, including a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Foundation Board meets monthly and welcomes citizen attendance in an observatory capacity.

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